The government of Indonesia simplified the procedure for obtaining a visa for foreign travelers wishing to visit Bali.

The government has issued a new visa policy as follows :

Free Short Term Visa are valid for 11 countries and territories, namely :

Brunei Darussalam Malaysia Singapore
Chile Morocco Thailand
Hong Kong Philippines Vietnam
Macao Peru  
A visa for nationals from these countries is delivered upon arrival free-of-charge.

Visa On Arrival is valid for 36 countries, namely :

New Zealand
South Korea
Australia Germany Norway Switzerland
Austria Hungary Oman Taiwan
Brazil India Poland The United Kingdom
Belgium Ireland Portugal
Canada Italy Qatar United Arab Emirates
China Japan Russia
Denmark Kuwait Saudi Arabia United States of America
Egypt Luxemburg Spain
Finland Maldives South Africa  
Visa on arrival can be obtained for the payment of :
- US$ 10 for a 3 days visa
- US$ 25 for a 30 days visa

All other nationalities need to obtain a visa from the Indonesian Embassy in their country of permanent residence.

All visas are for a maximum stay of 30 days and are extendable for maximum 30 days
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