Discounts and payment
Q: Should I pay in US dollar or Indonesian Rupiah and do you accept other currencies?
A: We accept all currencies which we can exchange at the bank at going rate.

Q: Besides the published rack rates, are there any other discounts?

A: We offer 10% discount on advance bank transfers and 5% for members of recognized nude organizations and airline crew (membership card required)

Q: I am coming for three days, then go on a diving tour and then will come back for another four days in your resort. Am I entitled to the 7 nights discount?
A: No, the discounts apply only to consecutive nights.

Q: I am KITAS holder. How much discount do I get?

A: Everybody pays the same price as published, whether Indonesian, KITAS holder, retired, student, foreigner or tourist. 5% discount applies for members of recognized nudist associations and airline crew.

Q: I work for a travel agency. Do you have any special rates?
A: Travel agencies who actively promote our resorts in their brochures/websites have a special rate. Contact us
Transport and Accessibility

Q: Will I be picked up at the airport when I arrive?
A: Yes, we provide free-of-charge airport transfers to Laki Uma Villa. We wait for you at the exit of the terminal with your name on a sheet of paper

Q: I have already another hotel booking. Can I visit as a guest?
A: We provide day-passes which include 1 hour male massage and free use of spa, pools, jacuzzi, sauna and steamrooms. From 12 till 20 hours @ 250.000 Rupiah.

Q: I arrive late at night/leave early in the morning to/from Bali au Naturel. Do you provide transfers?
A: No, for late arrivals and early departures to/from Bali au Naturel, we suggest you spend the first/last night in Laki Uma Villa. Rates are the same in both places.

Q: Do you provide free transport ?
A: Yes, in Kuta we drop you off anywhere in town until 9 PM (but no pick-up or waiting). In Bali au Naturel, transport is free within a range of 15 km from the resort and 50,000 Rupiah per hour for any trips beyond the 15 km range.

Q: Can I come with my own transport?
A: Yes, just give us a call when you are nearby and we will give you driving instructions or come and pick you up.

Q: Can I rent a car or motorbike?
A: You can rent and drive a motorbike, but for driving yourself a car you need an International Driving Permit issued in
Indonesia. If caught by Police, you will be fined or they will extort money. Better rent a car with driver.

Telephone, internet, photography
Q: Do you have internet?
A: Yes, we have wireless in Laki Uma Villa, not in Bali au Naturel. There is internet-cafe nearby.

Q: Do you have telephone in the rooms?
A: Yes, in Laki Uma Villa each room has a direct line for domestic and international calls which will be added to your bill (controlled by computer). In Bali au Naturel, wireless roaming is very good but bring your own phone.

Q: Can I take pictures?
A: Both Laki Uma Villa but especially Bali au Naturel are excellent to make your own pictures and videos. Do not take pictures of other guests without their consent.
Food and drinks

Q: Do you serve meals?
A: In Laki Uma Villa, we only serve breakfast until lunch time. There is catering service available from over 50 restaurants and we have their menu. Bali au Naturel provides besides breakfast, also lunch and dinner at nominal cost.

Q: Do you have vegetarian food?

A: In Laki Uma Villa, you can order all the food you want through catering services. In Bali au Naturel you simply tell the chef what you want to eat.

Q: Can I buy and cook my own food?
A: Yes, and the staff will help you.

Q: Do you have a bar?
A: We have mini-bar and serve soft drinks, wine and beer at nominal prices (same price as in the shop). We do not provide hard liquors but feel free to BYOB. Coffee, tea and water is free, all day long.

Q: It's my boyfriends birthday. Can I have something special?
A: Yes, we can provide you with cake, special dinner, flowers and champagne or anything you desire.

Facilities and my comfort
Q: Are the rooms air-conditioned?
A: All rooms have air-conditioning, as well as common places. Bali au Naturel has also ceiling fans in all rooms and open areas. Laki Uma Villa has ceiling fans in all common and open areas.

Q: Can I use the pool, jacuzzi, steamroom, video at night?
A: Yes, all facilities are accessible 24/7 but please don't make too much noise at night.

Q: Does the staff speak English?
A: Except the gardeners, all staff speaks fluently English.

Q: Do you have a gym?
A: No, but in Kuta there are several gay-friendly gyms nearby. Nothing in Northern Bali though.

Climate and Legal situation
Q: When is a good time to go to Bali?
A: Anytime of the year is fine – the rainy season is mostly from November till April, but that means usually only a few showers late in the afternoon. Northern Bali is always very dry, even during rainy season. Kuta gets much more rain.

Q: Is it authorized to be gay and have gay sex in Indonesia?
A: It's not a problem and many gays are very open, including many celebrities on TV and there are several gay bars, with go-go boys strip and transvestite shows. But nothing like Bangkok though. And please, no minors. We will not allow that.

Q: Is nudity allowed in Indonesia?
A: Public nudity is not allowed, although in Bali it is common practice for men to bath naked in the rivers in the late afternoon, visible to all by-passers. Nudity in private (such as our resorts) is legal.

Q: Can I use drugs on the premises?
A: No. Drugs and sex with minors is illegal and we don't want to put our resorts and their customers at risk. If you use drugs, we will remove you from the premises.

Security and discretion
Q: Are the rooms secure?
A: Yes, every room has its own personal safe with your own PIN. We are not responsible for theft from your room in case you have over-night visitors.

Q: Is the reception open at night?
A: There is only one on-call staff at night in case of emergencies. You have keys to the main entrance, the front door and your room.

Q: How safe and discreet is your place?
A: We are extremely safe and discreet: a high wall surrounds both resorts, the address is never given away over the internet, there are no outside signs or rainbow flags. Inside anything goes, though!

Boyfriends, visitors, nudity and sex
Q: Can I bring a visitor to my room?
A: Yes, you can have day and night visitors free-of-charge but they must at least be 21 years old. In case of doubt, we may ask to see an ID card. Every room is for two persons, all inclusive.

Q: Is the staff naked?
A: No, the staff is not naked during working hours, same as bartenders do not drink, and restaurant waiters don't eat during working hours. But occasionally they may join you for a swim in the pool off-duty.

Q: Can you provide money boys?
A: No, we don't promote prostitution, but we can take you to pick-up places and you can bring friends to your room.

Q: Can we go naked on the beach?
A: Although discreet nudity on the beach in Northern Bali is possible, it's illegal and we do not recommend it. For Kuta, it's also illegal to be naked on the beach, and there are many people. Keep it legal and have fun by the pool in the resort.

Q: Can I bring my wife/girlfriend?
A: Laki Uma Villa is for gay men only, no exceptions unless you rent the whole villa. Bali au Naturel is open to all nude lovers, men and women, gay and straight, although the main clientele is gay men.

Q: Do you organize gay parties?
A: Occasionally and depending on the guests, we organize parties, the most famous one being the yearly New Year's Eve wet and wild party. Guests can also organize their own parties and need to discuss the details with the duty manager. If there is a party, all resident guests are automatically invited.

Q: We are three guys together. Can we sleep in the same room?
A: Yes, a third booked person will have an extra mattress on the floor and will enjoy all the services and facilities at the rate of 100,000 Rupiah per night. A third (or fourth) overnight guest is free, but no extra services, such as breakfast or transport.


For further information, you may contact us at Office : (+62 - 361) 4736 568 - Fax : (+62 - 361) 4736 569
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